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Privacy Policy

Your privacy on the Internet is important to us. As part of the operation of ACEDS, certain pieces of information are gathered about ACEDS members. Below are explanations regarding the types of information collected, what is done with it, and how to correct or change the information.

When information is collected as part of the ACEDS member registration process, the prospective member is asked to provide an email address and interest category selections. The prospective member, at their option, may voluntarily provide additional information, including personal, geographic and demographic information. In addition to the information provided by members, ACEDS may also collect information about ACEDS members from third party sources. Furthermore, ACEDS monitors incoming and outgoing Web site traffic data to help diagnose problems with its servers and to administer its Web site. ACEDS also uses this data to assemble broad demographic information about its members. The purpose of this data collection is to ensure that ACEDS members receive only the most relevant, targeted offers and information from us. ACEDS uses “contact us” forms as a way for clients, potential clients and members to communicate with ACEDS.

ACEDS collects the information supplied by the sender of the “Contact Us” form in order to establish and maintain relationships with clients, potential clients and members. ACEDS also uses email links located on various pages of the ACEDS Web site to allow Users to contact ACEDS with questions or comments you may have. ACEDS welcomes these email communications and makes efforts to respond to these communications where appropriate. Email communications and the ideas sent to ACEDS in these email communications become the property of ACEDS. ACEDS uses the email communications to evaluate and improve its services and Web site. ACEDS also may save these email communications for future reference or use.

In an attempt to customize the ACEDS service and provide members with the information they may be most interested in, ACEDS also conducts internal research on our Users. (See below). ACEDS may combine or otherwise overlay some or all of the foregoing information to build profiles about ACEDS members, which may be individual specific or in aggregate form. By becoming an ACEDS member, you agree to let ACEDS employ the foregoing techniques in its continuing efforts to better serve its members by providing them with the information in which they may be most interested.

ACEDS does not use information about its members for any purposes unrelated to the services offered by ACEDS. As discussed above, ACEDS may, from time to time, obtain information about its members from third party sources. In addition, ACEDS may, from time to time, assist third parties in developing, implementing and monitoring advertising campaigns using data owned or supplied by the third party. Please be aware that this Privacy Policy does not cover the conduct or practices of these third party sources. However, ACEDS will treat information that it receives from third party sources according to the terms of this Privacy Policy.