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ACEDS Awards

This year at its conference, ACEDS will continue the annual celebration recognizing outstanding individual and organizational achievements and efforts in the e-discovery community. Awards will be given in ten categories to ACEDS members and others that have been nominated by their peers as pioneers and innovators in the e-discovery industry, or have otherwise shown special dedication to advancing the profession. This year, we are introducing three new awards to recognize the innovation and achievements of Service Providers, Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments. We thank the ACEDS NY Chapter for hosting this year’s ACEDS Awards.

These awards will be presented at the ACEDS Conference Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, April 20, 2016. Award winners will receive:

  • 1 year of membership in ACEDS
  • ACEDS Award with name & award printed
  • Recognition in the ACEDS newsletter
  • Recognition on the ACEDS website
  • Recognition in conference follow up

Join your colleagues in a celebration of excellence in the e-discovery profession. At the 7th Annual ACEDS E-Discovery Conference & Exhibition, we will be recognizing the outstand­ing achievements of individuals, organizations and member chapters that have made a significant contribution to the e-discovery profession. A scholarship to be used to pursue CEDS will also be awarded. We encourage you to nominate those whom you have encountered through ACEDS.

ACEDS Lifetime Achievement Award

  • This award is given to an individual in the e-discovery field who has shown a lifetime commitment to the advancement of the e-discovery profession. This person has been a pioneer in promoting excellence in e-discovery, has served as a leader and a mentor to other e-discovery professionals, and has dedicated his or her career to raising awareness of e-discovery issues on a global scale. Candidates do not have to be ACEDS members.

2015 Winner: Robin Thompson, CEDS

ACEDS E-Discovery Person of the Year

  • This award is given to a member of ACEDS whose on-the-job achievements have had a significant impact on and contributed to the advancement of the e-discovery profession. This individual has gone above and beyond in the last year to support e-discovery initiatives within his or her department, organization, community or group and has exhibited extraordinary dedication to performing e-discovery in a manner that is “just, speedy and inexpensive.” Only ACEDS members will be considered for this award.

2015 Winner: Janice Jaco, CEDS

CEDS Ambassador Award

  • This award recognizes outstanding achievement in promoting the value of CEDS and e-discovery competence to individuals in the e-discovery profession.

2015 Winner: Chris Dix, CEDS

CEDS Scholarship Award

  • Given to an individual who is entering into the e-discovery profession and wishes to take the CEDS Certification in order to advance their career. Monies will be paid directly to ACEDS in the name of the winner.
  • The scholarship is to be used solely and exclusively for the purpose of taking CEDS and to purchase study materials in connection with the preparation to take CEDS. Upon successful completion and passing of the exam, the individual will receive membership in the organization.
  • Candidates do not have to be ACEDS members and recipients do not have to attend the Conference.
  • Candidates will have to submit a short essay (no more than four (4) pages) on the following topic: “Discuss the role of Certification in verifying e-discovery competence.”

Outstanding Local Leader/Rising Star Award

  • This award recognizes an individual ACEDS member for outstanding leadership in his or her local chapter. Only ACEDS chapter members can nominate candidates for this award.

2015 Winner: Suzanne Clark, CEDS; ACEDS Jacksonville

Chapter of the Year

  • This award recognizes an ACEDS Member Chapter for outstanding achievements, successful events, membership growth and excellence in consistently delivering value to the e-discovery professionals in its geographical region.

2015 Winner: ACEDS Jacksonville

Corporate Legal Department of the Year

  • This award recognizes a Corporation’s Legal Department for outstanding service to its organization, for continuing to keep organizational employees on the cutting edge of e-discovery issues and education, developing a talented team of e-discovery professionals who respond to the e-discovery needs of its organization in a timely manner and promoting competence in e-discovery through the value of certification. The candidate should have at least one (1) member of their eDiscovery team as a CEDS in good standing.

Law Firm E-Discovery Department of the Year

  • This award recognizes an e-discovery Department of a law firm for outstanding service to its firm and firm’s clients. This candidate is a firm consistently up to date on e-discovery trends and education and continuously updates its practices to reflect the needs of its clients and the demands of e-discovery services and understands the value that each and every member of its team brings to the outstanding quality of the delivery of legal services. This law firm also values the importance of e-discovery education and promotes certification for its employees. This firm also gives hiring preferences to CEDS. The candidate should have at least one (1) member of their e-discovery team as a CEDS in good standing.

Service Provider of the Year

  • This award will go to a vendor or service provider in the e-discovery marketplace who demonstrates an outstanding level of service to its clients. This candidate should be a e-discovery provider who offers a complete range of services that covers most or all of the EDRM, provides a competent level of project management and delivers a product or service that is demanded in the industry. This service provider may also have developed a competitive proprietary technology that is widely used in the e-discovery marketplace. This candidate values the importance of not only receiving, but providing e-discovery education. In addition this organization promotes certification throughout the organization and gives hiring preferences to CEDS. The candidate should have at least one (1) member of their e-discovery team as a CEDS in good standing.

E-Discovery Rainmaker of the Year Award

  • The ACEDS community will recognize the attorneys, solutions architects, consultant, or sales person who embodies the qualities of service, integrity, experience and knowledge in getting to the “Yes” in e-Discovery projects. The e-Discovery Rainmaker of the Year will be a highly respected, top producing advocate who maximizes the return on dollars and time for his or her clients.

Executive Director’s Award

  • This award recognizes five (5) ACEDS members who are chosen by the Executive Director and ACEDS management as having been outstanding evangelists for ACEDS in promoting and supporting its mission and purpose.

2015 Recipients: Robert Hilson, Nancy Regula,Evan Benjamin, Bill Speros, Helen Bergman-Moure

*Employees of Barbri and/or its affiliates are not eligible to be nominated or receive these awards.

*Previous award winners are not eligible to receive the same award.

*The nominees will be reviewed and selected by an independent panel of judges appointed by ACEDS management.

*Nomination criteria and forms can be found on Nominations must be received by February 14, 2016.